About Me

I am shy but I am Strong

I love nature but I am Lazy

I am creative but I am precise

I have a creative seed inside begging to flourish with all its might.

I found this blog through struggle.

It has now become my shining light.

I have two delicious boys.

One red haired one not.

I am from Ireland but I live in Australia.

We are all contradictions of ourselves but I believe that is ok.

I enjoy writing about the “snippets and spirits of life”. Turning these snippets into lessons for me and perhaps for you.

I am currently discovering ways to preserve ‘spirits of wellness’ in this crazy thing called life.

Writing, positive thinking, creating, imagery.

Children are magical to me.

Children are the perfect humans we should strive to be. Enjoying every second of their present day.

I try to capture the “spirit of the child’ for safe keeping.

Every day I am living and doing everything through the filter of Love.

Love is what will prevail.

I am so happy you are here exploring my healing space. Please do stay a while.

Thank you.

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