Blogging Obsession

I am on the computer, he is in the garage,I am typing, he is tinkering.I am escaping, he is escaping.He calls me a Blogging B$$ch ............( he is joking of course), I stop listening when he mentions yet another "must have".Relatively new to Blogsville I am enjoying the escapism, the creativity, the brilliant bloggers and... Continue Reading →

As the Sun Sets

So here it isDay 31 of 31I made it. We made itThis ship has docked There was some rough seas along the way. The captain wanted to jump ship half way through the voyage, but a small voice inside her head and her fairy godmother urged her to carry on. A route was eventually revealed.My destination? It may sound... Continue Reading →

Oh So Blue.

Day 30 of 31 Is "the view where the sea meets the sky"Today I have decided to keep the words to a minimum. I have instead let you escape into this brilliant blue.From a place known as "The View Where the Sea Meets the Sky"Enjoy! What do the skies look like where you are today?

Mothering Erosion

Day 28 of 31Today I needed to look hard for the silver lining, the lesson I am to contemplate before sleep falls.  I struggled to see it, after much thinking the lesson appeared before me in a photograph.Coastal erosion is the wearing away of the land by wave action and tidal currents from the Indian... Continue Reading →

The Green Room

Day 27 of 31He hears them first, the thundering walls of water, the ground almost shaking as he walks towards the coast. The sun rising like a ball of fire behind his back. He stands on the headland above the waves, the clean turquoise and perfectly formed barrels of water continue to roll onto land.... Continue Reading →

A Constellation for Each

 Day 26 of 31   Stars can be found under the Indian Ocean Stars identifying an individual and his motion.Patterns that tell us her name.A shark of sortsA cruiser of the marine.Filtering ocean waterThe largest fish in the seaWarm water draws them nearNingaloo Reef to peer.An easygoing creature upon whichSome have hitched a ride.Not reaching their... Continue Reading →

Do Fish Sleep ?

Day 25 of  31Sleep, on my mind, in my mind, will my mind ever find, the sleep it is loosing?  I lay down to read my boy a book, my eyes feel like they have an anchor securing them into the sand. He insists I finish his Super Hero story. Tiredness affects your tolerance. A baby whom... Continue Reading →

Indian Ocean Migration

Day 24 of 31   My Migration was a "First World" one, I came by airplane. I had a visa in my passport. I had a welcoming face happy to greet me on the other side.I have tried to imagine what it would be like to come across the Indian Ocean looking to escape the terrors of my... Continue Reading →

Our Very Own Mermaids

 Day 23 of 31 A mystical creature can be found in a Shark Bay, one of legends and great "tails". Is it a mermaid, a moon sister, a cow or an elephant?With its fluked tail to propel its cumbersome body through the shallow water, its paddle-like flippers to steer her through the seagrass meadows.  With elephants... Continue Reading →

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