His Small Footprints In The Sand

Day 22 of 31 His little heart beats with excitement as he walks down the beach towards the waves. To where the sloping sand bank and sea meet. The water is drawn out to form the next upsurge exposing the wet foreshore. He stands at the line where wet sand meets dry. He knows this... Continue Reading →

Moody Crabs

Day 21 of 31  Hi my name is Sarah and I am a moody crab.The Indian Ocean estuaries and sheltered bays off Western Australia are home to some bright Blue Crabs, ferocious hunters and protectors of themsleves when threatened. Their large claws help them catch their prey, their paddle like back legs allow them to... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in the Dunes

Day 20 of 31An adventure through the sandy hillsThe protectors of our landCoastal flowers in bloomAdd some colour to sandy banks Bumpy roads and giggly boys. The Indian Ocean always there by our sides. Some precious family timeTo escape the mundane Wind in my hair and face wet with rain,Remind me of that place I miss.I... Continue Reading →

Earth’s Angel Song

 Day 18 of 31The light is dim down there except for the few rays of sunlight penetrating through the layers from the surface. The colour is dark blue, the temperature is cool, the feeling is one of serenity. All you can hear is your own breathing as you suck on that artificial gill. This is an... Continue Reading →

Where in the food chain do you fit?

Day 17 of  31 Do you ever feel invisible, ignored, disregarded. This is something I have had to deal with for most of my adult life. It makes you question where you come in the pecking order, question whether you are in fact inferior to others?In the Indian Ocean organisms are connected by a complicated food... Continue Reading →

Dolphin Mothers need Help Too

Day 16 of 31Has our modern world, made parenting that little bit harder?Maybe the old saying "it takes a village to raise a child" still reigns true.However in our western world where we strive for more. Jobs, mortgages and life somehow overtake. Many of us live away from extended family or do not have family... Continue Reading →

Sliding Doors

Day 15 of 31 A sleepless night, an unsettled cub, who just keeps calling out. One tired and cranky boy, red curls all unfurled, begins the day way too soon. How am I going to get through today? Escape the chores, they can wait, lets go visit the Indian Ocean. Buggy, boys, bread and hats packed, we are... Continue Reading →

Nature’s Magician

Day 14 of 31  Do you ever wish you had a disguise, a cloak you could throw upon yourself to hide from the world.  If only to disappear for a short time, shelter from danger, spy on your enemies or simply just escape to find your zen.The giant cuttlefish found in the Indian Ocean waters... Continue Reading →

Continental Fragments

Day 13 of 31 Fragments, small pieces of something that I am trying to hold onto as my life races past. Perhaps these pieces are more than fragments, however they are most definitely something.Fragments of an ancient continent are believed to exist under the floor of this Indian Ocean. A continent thought to have been part... Continue Reading →

Indian Ocean Vortex

Day 12 of 31I am not even half way through this Indian Ocean journey and it is becoming exactly what its name suggests, a challenge. I am beginning to get caught in an Indian Ocean vortex full of the worlds discarded rubbish. I am confused on which way I should go. Do I dive down beneath... Continue Reading →

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