Going Anti-Depressant free

  If you search the internet for real life experiences in taking anti-depressants namely Lexapro you will find reams and reams of forums. Most will have negative points of view. When my doctor suggested that perhaps I needed to become a statistic and start popping happy pills. I was loathe to the suggestion. I felt... Continue Reading →

Sitting With Your Worries.

Life Lessons.We never stop learning. We should, never stop learning.Mistakes, we will always make them. It is part of the human condition.However being human we also have the capacity to reason, to use abstract thinking so that we might find a solution for our mistakes.The lessons of our life are learned through our mistakes.That is... Continue Reading →

Post Natal Depression the Middle

Warning there are words or triggers in this post that may be upsetting.Today I bare my soul.Why?Maybe I have a friend that I love.Maybe you have a friend you love.Perhaps we all have friends we think may need help.These words were extremely hard for me to compose. I have worried over this post.So here it is,... Continue Reading →

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