A Boy and His Dog

Its scenes like these that remind me what life is all about. It is scenes like these that remind me it is all worth it.                      

Gratitude in Pictures Week 6

I have been a bit slack with the picture taking of late.  These are snippets of what we have been doing and what I have appreciated. What snippets of Gratitude can you record in your daily life ?   Evening adventures on the beach  Turning two an equal blend of  bitter and sweet.  Five minutes under... Continue Reading →

Nature my Nurture

I walk out the door.My car keys rattling in my hand, I have a black bag slung over my shoulder inside; a camera, some money, my phone, a towel and a book. Nothing else. No nappies, no little boy hats, no changes of clothes just in case, no squashed bananas, or drink bottles.I had made... Continue Reading →

Oh So Blue.

Day 30 of 31 Is "the view where the sea meets the sky"Today I have decided to keep the words to a minimum. I have instead let you escape into this brilliant blue.From a place known as "The View Where the Sea Meets the Sky"Enjoy! What do the skies look like where you are today?

The Green Room

Day 27 of 31He hears them first, the thundering walls of water, the ground almost shaking as he walks towards the coast. The sun rising like a ball of fire behind his back. He stands on the headland above the waves, the clean turquoise and perfectly formed barrels of water continue to roll onto land.... Continue Reading →

Sliding Doors

Day 15 of 31 A sleepless night, an unsettled cub, who just keeps calling out. One tired and cranky boy, red curls all unfurled, begins the day way too soon. How am I going to get through today? Escape the chores, they can wait, lets go visit the Indian Ocean. Buggy, boys, bread and hats packed, we are... Continue Reading →

Indian Ocean Vortex

Day 12 of 31I am not even half way through this Indian Ocean journey and it is becoming exactly what its name suggests, a challenge. I am beginning to get caught in an Indian Ocean vortex full of the worlds discarded rubbish. I am confused on which way I should go. Do I dive down beneath... Continue Reading →

Tsunami Awakening

Day 11 of 31Thirty One days on the Indian Ocean could not be covered without a mention of that word. That word that fills us with fear. It reminds us of the horrifying apocalyptic scenes of destruction we have witnessed on our televisions. People, animals, homes, picked up like toys, by a giant sea monster,... Continue Reading →

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