Bog Days

Once they rounded the twisty corner they would see it, stretching as far as the eye can see. The Bog , infamous, mysterious and mucky. A stretch of marshy damp brown soil where once ancient majestic Irish forests stood.

Three year olds and Snails

He sat on my knee. It was nice to hold him close after the trying morning we had been through. He had been losing his temper over the tiniest of things. He didn't want his toast cut in half, I broke his biscuit, I gave him the wrong shorts to wear. He didn't want to... Continue Reading →

Parenting is Like the Weather

Parenting is like the weather. Not the beautiful summer weather of Perth. Its more like the weather of a small island possibly in the middle of the wild Atlantic Ocean. Or perhaps the most southern tip of Western Australia where the Indian Ocean hits the treacherous Southern Ocean. The parenting wind is pretty consistent on... Continue Reading →

Eleven Nice Things

When you are drowning in domestic shit ehhh I mean bliss it can be hard to decipher one day from another. Sick children, sleepless nights, messy house, laundry on the floor, thrown together meals, cranky children, cranky parents. The list goes on. You can allow it to drown you or you can find teeny tiny... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Dog

Its scenes like these that remind me what life is all about. It is scenes like these that remind me it is all worth it.                      

Snippets of Gratitude

I always hated the smell from these plants, Geraniums as a kid. My mum had them growing in pots. I still don't like the smell. However they bring back nice memories of our little house in the Irish country side where my sisters and I grew up. Our newest Joey . She definitely has the... Continue Reading →

His Friends That We Cannot See.

Under his bed there is a troupe of charactersThere is a giant caterpillar. He eats everything. Houses, cars, couches, shoes. Of course his favourite thing to eat is the branch of a tree. There are some very friendly Ghosts who stay there all day in the dark beneath his bed to protect our house.Recently Elsa and... Continue Reading →

The Woman in the Flower Pot

"I am a woman" She proudly exclaims before falling into a flower pot.We laugh of course. These are the kind of things we have been hearing our whole lives. Womens rights, female power.Being cynical teenagers we often took the piss out of her feminist ways. I guess in a way we became bored by the constant reminders... Continue Reading →

My Threenager and Me

This post is part of a series:On this day that I dedicate to them, you may be relieved to know it is not always full of airy fairy candy floss, where I prance around pretending everything is perfect.On this particular Friday, the word of the day was Challenge. As the moods and emotions of our small... Continue Reading →

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