I Predict a Riot

I think we as a species need to get over ourselves. We sit at the apex of the food chain, we think we can control the world. We may well be able to control the people, but Mother Nature is not so tameable. I think we as a collective, the people and the people in... Continue Reading →

Compassionate Confronation

Is there someone in your life who is bugging you lately?You would like them to change a certain behaviour but every time you bring the subject up it ends up in an argument.No relationship or friendship is perfect. We all know this. We go through ups and downs. I have recently learned a great lesson... Continue Reading →

How Compassionate Are You ?

It is a stunning spring day. There is not a cloud in the sky  The birds are busy preparing nests for their precious eggs. The ocean is flat and glistening as you walk along the cliff edge. A feeling of contentedness washes over you. One of those fleeting moments where you feel grateful for your life. You are happy... Continue Reading →

My Hearts Meditation

It is only Week two of My Year of LoveYet my strength of will and commitment to the philosophy of Love has been tested a number of times.Finding the love means, when something hurts you, when someone insults you. It is not about blaming them, it is about looking deep within and finding that seed of... Continue Reading →

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