Seeking Peace

These days I find myself seeking peace.Peace in my home life and peace from the outside world.I seek the warm winter sunlight streaming in through our kitchen window.I savour the quiet moments in-between the tantrums and the tears.The nightly sinking feeling I not long ago sent packing threatens to shatter my peace.The early morning dread... Continue Reading →

Cobwebs disturbed

Cobwebs disturbed, bumble bees confused. Fresh gusts of mountain wind feel their way through the heart. A three year old refusing to wear clothes, showering in the cool rain. Two toddlers poke and prod each other. One testing another. A yellow bus with a ghost driver fly across a wooden deck. Destructive boys momentarily distracted... Continue Reading →

Live simply

A busy morning. Two boys to organise. Mother feeling tired, looking forward to a break. Spirited Sister and a miscommunication arrive. Argument erupts. Tension in the air, children absorb. Car packed, air lighter. Another trip south. Rest, in a busy lobby, people and their baggage offload. Arrival of a friend, a friend that knows. So much... Continue Reading →

Mothers catch up

Glorious luxury of sleeping in. Awake to smiles and squeals of delight. Time with a dear friend and a spirited sister. Dog barking, babies crying, needing love from their distracted mothers .Time to chat has changed. Strong personalities overpower, retreat, listen. Till next time sweet mama and beautiful boy. Conflict brews, insecurities exposed. Is honesty the... Continue Reading →

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