Maintaining Your Mental Health

The water rushes out of the stained brass tap. A perfect balance of hot and cold mixes to form a beautiful body temperature bath. She dips her toes in first. They tingle a little. She climbs into the sunken bath. It is a retro green colour but it is nice and deep. She exhales as... Continue Reading →

Energy Medicine Part 1

Even though I have a side of me that likes the creative life I also have a factual precise side. I work in a scientific field and I like evidence for my hypothesis.  With that said when it comes to wanting to feel better about yourselfI think most will agree at times you become willing... Continue Reading →

Messy House Messy Mind

Things have been a bit shit lately.I was finding work stressful and my home life chaotic.I was beginning to be confused on which way was up.We had a party for my little EP who turned 4 about three weeks ago.It was only this weekend that I felt like I had caught up with the cleaning.I... Continue Reading →

Seeking Peace

These days I find myself seeking peace.Peace in my home life and peace from the outside world.I seek the warm winter sunlight streaming in through our kitchen window.I savour the quiet moments in-between the tantrums and the tears.The nightly sinking feeling I not long ago sent packing threatens to shatter my peace.The early morning dread... Continue Reading →

PND Thanks

So we need to talk.We need to talk about something that is rarely spoken aloud. We need to try and break down the ridiculous barriers our culture has created. Walls created at the risk of lives.We need to talk about mental health. We need to recognise that depression is an illness and that it should never, ever... Continue Reading →

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