Nature my Nurture

I walk out the door.My car keys rattling in my hand, I have a black bag slung over my shoulder inside; a camera, some money, my phone, a towel and a book. Nothing else. No nappies, no little boy hats, no changes of clothes just in case, no squashed bananas, or drink bottles.I had made... Continue Reading →

The Green Room

Day 27 of 31He hears them first, the thundering walls of water, the ground almost shaking as he walks towards the coast. The sun rising like a ball of fire behind his back. He stands on the headland above the waves, the clean turquoise and perfectly formed barrels of water continue to roll onto land.... Continue Reading →

Electric Blue

Escaping the rat race, if only for a short time. A mission to pack, so much stuff. Why do we need so much equipment just to be? Excitement and anticipation at hitting the road. Two boys sleeping, two parents and a brief sense of freedom relax, as the road leads us on. A cabin in... Continue Reading →

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