Gratitude in Pictures Week 4

Gratitude in Pictures Week 4 I didn't take many pictures this week and they were all taken on my phone. However I can still find many snippets to remember with gratitude. Two boys in a box of their own. One leads the other follows. A whole weekend to sit in a class and... Continue Reading →


Taking Stock January 2015

A new year.New stock.January has flown by in a haze of barbecues and back to work days. I struggle to remember the details. It is a month we promise the world we are going to change, exercise, eat healthy. However by the end of the month are we still on this new path?I thought it... Continue Reading →

Sunflower Gratitude

Bright, shimmering, shining, golden, yellow. A flower head packed with hundreds of tiny little heads waiting for their chance to shine. The outer florets become the petals that give this flower its recognisable face. The florets inside become the next generation of bright sunshine worshipers. These tiny florets inside the sunflower head grow in a spiral, each floret slightly... Continue Reading →

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