I have always found it hard to put those feelings into words. It's a sense of loneliness that begins to creep into your heart like a thick morning fog.

Adjusting to Upside Down Seasons

It is always about this time of year that my clock begins to slow down. The magnetic forces become confused as to which way is up. I have been living in this beautiful and diverse brown land eight and a half years now. However my internal seasonal body clock still seems to struggle in adjusting to an upside... Continue Reading →

My Blog and Me

I come from a small green land, a land rich with musicians and rebels, poets and playwrights saints and scholars. A land full of people that are always willing and able to party into the wee small hours. Where craic agus ceol (music and fun) is the national motto. Admittedly this land has changed greatly... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in the Dunes

Day 20 of 31An adventure through the sandy hillsThe protectors of our landCoastal flowers in bloomAdd some colour to sandy banks Bumpy roads and giggly boys. The Indian Ocean always there by our sides. Some precious family timeTo escape the mundane Wind in my hair and face wet with rain,Remind me of that place I miss.I... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Chasing

Heart warmed by beautiful sunshine on a rainy day, homesickness abates.  Shoes for boats, puddles for thrills.  Thrills that only children know how to enjoy. Chubby legs in stripy tights, three year old conversations to himself. Flashing glimpses of imaginary play mates keeping a boy amused.  A freedom to create. A freedom that nurture's a spirit. A spirit... Continue Reading →

Hazy Jet-Lag Fog

The final hours of walking on fertile Irish soil. Bags packed to jet across the world. Two boys to mend my broken heart. Painful goodbyes, that never seem to become easier. Last hugs, holding on oh so tight, Irish eyes crying. Please keep going as you are Papa. Your strength never faltering. It has been... Continue Reading →

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