His Friends That We Cannot See.

Under his bed there is a troupe of charactersThere is a giant caterpillar. He eats everything. Houses, cars, couches, shoes. Of course his favourite thing to eat is the branch of a tree. There are some very friendly Ghosts who stay there all day in the dark beneath his bed to protect our house.Recently Elsa and... Continue Reading →

His Imagination

A seriesOn this day that was their day. It was raining, but we watched with smiles as the welcome raindrops fell to the dry earth.We visited friends, two small boys played alongside. Two mothers caught up, vented, laughed and listened, a happy baby gurgling in between.Back home and we hung out in the laundry basket.He lined his... Continue Reading →

A Trip to the Moon

A trip to the moon in Papa's rocket. Childhood memories of adventure and mystery flood back. A New generation following our path.  A swing to delight, children and adults alike. In a tall tree from a warmer land. Twenty five years of growth, finally surrendering to perpetual Irish dampness. Some precious time with a fairy... Continue Reading →


A mixed up day.  Innocence to be cherished. A game of make believe using nothing but imagination. Lego, an ageless toy, back to days of old, hours whiled away creating homes of dreams. A fussy baby needing to be held, precious moments too easily forgotten. Butterflies trapped, symbolic of something?  A room with a view... Continue Reading →

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