Mamo’s Indian Ocean

Day 10 of 31I asked Mamo to write me a story on her Indian Ocean, with her words I was taken on a wonderful trip. I read this story before looking at the pictures and I could feel and see the India she describes.Mamallapuram -Tamil Nadu – South India – My first meeting with the... Continue Reading →


Day 9 of 31 I was feeling uninspired today, that old self doubt beginning to slither its way back. Like a runny nosed virus, blocking your minds reasoning and obscuring it with fear. What is this all about? Why did I start this journey in the first place? Baring my thoughts to everybody and nobody. A... Continue Reading →

Message in a bottle

Day 8 of 31Hello, I am Sarah I live in Australia.I am so happy my message made it to your curious hands.When I was five I wanted to be a swimming pool.When I was ten I wanted to be a doctor.When I was fourteen I wanted to be a marine biologist. I grew up in... Continue Reading →

Deep Sea Fascination

Day 7  of 31The deep deep sea fascinates me. A world yet to be fully explored. Just two short years ago an expedition set sail, direction, the south west Indian Ocean. So remote few have investigated these waters before. A quest, to find underwater mountains and smoking chimneys 2 km below. Pressures so immense our... Continue Reading →

An Island escape

Day 6A small island not far from the city's hustle and bustle, but oh what an escape. White sand, turquoise waters and friendly marsupials native to its tiny shores. Salt lakes of pink and just off the beach beautiful limestone coral waiting to be explored. Colourful tropical fish, blue crabs and a green turtle passing... Continue Reading →

Capturing a moment

Day 4 of 31 A beautiful beach. A sea breeze, transforming the water from glass to froth. A mission to photograph, to capture this moment of the Indian Ocean. A woman, camera in hand,  her peaceful baby boy snuggled next to her loving heart. Others scattered along the sandy coast, enjoying their first true Spring... Continue Reading →

My Indian Ocean

Day 3 of 31A slight breeze to clear the mind. Warm white sand between my toes. Aqua blue water to gaze upon. Sunshine to brighten your day. A huge blue sky to comfort us.  Water rising and falling, to continue the cycle, salt to taste, sunscreen and hat to protect, high UV to burn. I... Continue Reading →

What is the Indian Ocean?

Day 2The Indian Ocean is many things   To me it is my connection to a faraway land with mountains and fields of green. It is a place for escape from the daily grind. A place to reconnect with nature. A place to sit and watch the waves, where worries become diluted by its healing waters.... Continue Reading →

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