St Patricks Day-Emigration Ireland

Anything pseudo Irish makes me cringe. Such as the fake Irish accents so often seen in movies and TV. There are so many amazing Irish actors out there I do not know why producers do not employ them. As for the sayings 'To be Sure to be Sure' and 'Top O the Mornin to ya',... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Creates Change

SnippetsandSpirits.comAwake.Shake the dreams for your hairMy pretty child, my sweet one.Choose the day and choose the sign of your day,The days divinity, first thing you see.Jim MorrisonI have loved his lyrics since I was a teenager trying to find my way in the world. In my long hippy skirts and my beloved purple doc martens.... Continue Reading →

If Only

Image sourceIf only I had a streamlined fusiform body and a fluked tail. A caudal fin perfectly designed to propel me through the ocean. If only I had a pair of gills. Feathery organs made up of comb like lamellae. Bright red and bursting with cells to extract life giving oxygen from the water as... Continue Reading →

A Wee Snippet of Ireland

Almost three months ago we left my green land to return home to our brown land, after an extended holiday with my family. We lived in a little town surrounded by mountains and fields of green. We hardly ventured from the protective arms of these mountains in the whole three months that we were there. I was... Continue Reading →

My Blog and Me

I come from a small green land, a land rich with musicians and rebels, poets and playwrights saints and scholars. A land full of people that are always willing and able to party into the wee small hours. Where craic agus ceol (music and fun) is the national motto. Admittedly this land has changed greatly... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in the Dunes

Day 20 of 31An adventure through the sandy hillsThe protectors of our landCoastal flowers in bloomAdd some colour to sandy banks Bumpy roads and giggly boys. The Indian Ocean always there by our sides. Some precious family timeTo escape the mundane Wind in my hair and face wet with rain,Remind me of that place I miss.I... Continue Reading →


Day 9 of 31 I was feeling uninspired today, that old self doubt beginning to slither its way back. Like a runny nosed virus, blocking your minds reasoning and obscuring it with fear. What is this all about? Why did I start this journey in the first place? Baring my thoughts to everybody and nobody. A... Continue Reading →

Spectator at an Ancient Irish Game

A threat of thunder in the air, with its humid feel and overcast mood. Will it sound or will it simply just tease? A splash of rain releases some tension. Our healing mountain view hidden by weather. Puddles on the deck, boots on small feet. Simplicity, splashing in shallow puddles. Luxury of returning to bed... Continue Reading →

Mountain rain

Rain covers an ever changing mountain face. A change of mood cast upon the land. A trip to a country town. A land of miniatures to be sure. Tiny houses and giant sheep in fields of green. A little boy wearing socks on his hands, why protest, just let him be. A warm kiss farewell... Continue Reading →

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