Boys and Girls

Then we have the men. We need them to be our best friends. We try and connect to them the way we do our best female friend. But the men, they were not allowed to cry.

Ten Frocktober Life Lessons

Who would have thought you could learn life lessons just from wearing a dress. I have discovered if you have a daily ritual. Something you must do everyday new pieces from the jigsaw of life are revealed to you. Frocktober flew by in colourful camera flashes. It was an enjoyable month and I would recommend... Continue Reading →

Love-My word for 2015

LoveIt is such a huge word.Pages upon pages can be written about this small four letter word and still its true meaning may never be captured.However Love is the word I have chosen to live by this year.Choosing a word rather than a resolution makes sense to me.  It is so much easier to choose... Continue Reading →

Sitting With Your Worries.

Life Lessons.We never stop learning. We should, never stop learning.Mistakes, we will always make them. It is part of the human condition.However being human we also have the capacity to reason, to use abstract thinking so that we might find a solution for our mistakes.The lessons of our life are learned through our mistakes.That is... Continue Reading →

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