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So this little blog has been put on the back burner lately as I relearn the art of living.The break has been good and it was what I needed. I had ambitions to become a famous blogger...for about a week and now I really do not care about the fame or fortune!! :). However I think... Continue Reading →

Blogging Obsession

I am on the computer, he is in the garage,I am typing, he is tinkering.I am escaping, he is escaping.He calls me a Blogging B$$ch ............( he is joking of course), I stop listening when he mentions yet another "must have".Relatively new to Blogsville I am enjoying the escapism, the creativity, the brilliant bloggers and... Continue Reading →

Message in a bottle

Day 8 of 31Hello, I am Sarah I live in Australia.I am so happy my message made it to your curious hands.When I was five I wanted to be a swimming pool.When I was ten I wanted to be a doctor.When I was fourteen I wanted to be a marine biologist. I grew up in... Continue Reading →

Cobwebs disturbed

Cobwebs disturbed, bumble bees confused. Fresh gusts of mountain wind feel their way through the heart. A three year old refusing to wear clothes, showering in the cool rain. Two toddlers poke and prod each other. One testing another. A yellow bus with a ghost driver fly across a wooden deck. Destructive boys momentarily distracted... Continue Reading →

Mountain rain

Rain covers an ever changing mountain face. A change of mood cast upon the land. A trip to a country town. A land of miniatures to be sure. Tiny houses and giant sheep in fields of green. A little boy wearing socks on his hands, why protest, just let him be. A warm kiss farewell... Continue Reading →

The Kings Seat

A picnic for the hordes. A grass table under a sky-scraping tree. Children play amongst the green hills, tempted to places of danger. Laughing contagious, food devoured, toddlers disobey. A visit to an elf house. Hobbit's feel at home. A peer through a glass pavilion with a story to tell.  Energetic cousins rest on a bench... Continue Reading →

A Close Encounter

Sunday, 21 July 2013 Swept off in a carriage with a faulty door and a charming coachman. Babes in tow, a trip to the big smoke. Relax, in an oasis in the concrete. A close encounter with nature that has had to adapt. Baby gurgling, boy laughing in the shade of the hot Irish sun.!!!! Gourmet... Continue Reading →


Monday, 15 July 2013 Waking up to a cranky boy in need of a good run. Expend that boundless energy. A quick picnic is packed, sisters asked, both decline recovering from a 40th blowout. Car is loaded with boys and equipment. Taking off feeling melancholic and frustrated. Drive the windy country roads slow down for... Continue Reading →

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