Indian Ocean Migration

Day 24 of 31   My Migration was a "First World" one, I came by airplane. I had a visa in my passport. I had a welcoming face happy to greet me on the other side.I have tried to imagine what it would be like to come across the Indian Ocean looking to escape the terrors of my... Continue Reading →

Hazy Jet-Lag Fog

The final hours of walking on fertile Irish soil. Bags packed to jet across the world. Two boys to mend my broken heart. Painful goodbyes, that never seem to become easier. Last hugs, holding on oh so tight, Irish eyes crying. Please keep going as you are Papa. Your strength never faltering. It has been... Continue Reading →

Hearts Afloat

The last of our summer days. A strong, sweet bitter taste becoming too hard to swallow. A wonderful day of cake baking and excitement. A birthday party for a special moon goddess. One giant cupcake and sticky melting chocolate. Dancing fairies, long dresses, sparkly shoes too large for Cinderella.  A game of cowboys and Indians among two century year... Continue Reading →

Mountain rain

Rain covers an ever changing mountain face. A change of mood cast upon the land. A trip to a country town. A land of miniatures to be sure. Tiny houses and giant sheep in fields of green. A little boy wearing socks on his hands, why protest, just let him be. A warm kiss farewell... Continue Reading →

A Close Encounter

Sunday, 21 July 2013 Swept off in a carriage with a faulty door and a charming coachman. Babes in tow, a trip to the big smoke. Relax, in an oasis in the concrete. A close encounter with nature that has had to adapt. Baby gurgling, boy laughing in the shade of the hot Irish sun.!!!! Gourmet... Continue Reading →


A mixed up day.  Innocence to be cherished. A game of make believe using nothing but imagination. Lego, an ageless toy, back to days of old, hours whiled away creating homes of dreams. A fussy baby needing to be held, precious moments too easily forgotten. Butterflies trapped, symbolic of something?  A room with a view... Continue Reading →


Monday, 15 July 2013 Waking up to a cranky boy in need of a good run. Expend that boundless energy. A quick picnic is packed, sisters asked, both decline recovering from a 40th blowout. Car is loaded with boys and equipment. Taking off feeling melancholic and frustrated. Drive the windy country roads slow down for... Continue Reading →

A lazy day

  Awakened by soft tickles from little hands. A lazy day, pyjamas until midday. A visit from a younger sister, boy whisked away. Time alone with sleeping babe. Quiet. Return of a soaked and dirty happy boy. Invite for dinner. Mamo comes home a friend in tow. Dinner a success boys become a mess. Sisters gather children chatter.... Continue Reading →

The simple things

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 A walk by the river Barrow with baby boy in sling and the little boy holding Mamo's hand. Stone throwing, simple entertainment for a busy boy. Songs cuddles and kisses with littlest one. A near miss with a big truck, jelly legs and beating heart. Dinner and catch up with eldest... Continue Reading →

Late night party

Sunday, 14 July 2013  Driving home in the dark night, sleeping bundle, fox eyes glowing in the distance, smell of pig slowly cooking in the air. Home to sleeping babes, little voices talking in the night, mind racing sleep eventually falls. Awake to Summer of sunshine and gold, bottle, nappies, breaky, cuddles. Relieved by sitter,... Continue Reading →

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