Snippets of Gratitude

  Finding Gratitude in the Every Day. His Adventurous Spirit The sweet evening scent of star Jasmine. Just Divine.   My Magnificent swim that took me back to days in Ireland when I would jump into any water, river, lake, beach no matter the temperature. Oh the Freedom   Our little Tinny for showing us... Continue Reading →

My Hearts Meditation

It is only Week two of My Year of LoveYet my strength of will and commitment to the philosophy of Love has been tested a number of times.Finding the love means, when something hurts you, when someone insults you. It is not about blaming them, it is about looking deep within and finding that seed of... Continue Reading →

Love-My word for 2015

LoveIt is such a huge word.Pages upon pages can be written about this small four letter word and still its true meaning may never be captured.However Love is the word I have chosen to live by this year.Choosing a word rather than a resolution makes sense to me.  It is so much easier to choose... Continue Reading →

Uluru Was My Destiny

I lay atop the very warm rock.The warmth enveloped me as a cool dessert breeze swept over.I had my hood up and my tracksuit bottoms were keeping me warm and cosy. In true Australian fashion I was wearing the essential Australian safety shoes, my "thongs" on my feet. My body was grateful for the rest... Continue Reading →

Seeking Peace

These days I find myself seeking peace.Peace in my home life and peace from the outside world.I seek the warm winter sunlight streaming in through our kitchen window.I savour the quiet moments in-between the tantrums and the tears.The nightly sinking feeling I not long ago sent packing threatens to shatter my peace.The early morning dread... Continue Reading →

Unconditional Love

We sit on the red swing.Him and I.His chubby foot tucked under my crossed legs.I love the weight of his small body against mine.My arms around him trying my best not to cuddle him to death.My lips resting on the top of his beautiful baby head.Soft wispy hair tickling my nose. I breathe in his... Continue Reading →

PND Thanks

So we need to talk.We need to talk about something that is rarely spoken aloud. We need to try and break down the ridiculous barriers our culture has created. Walls created at the risk of lives.We need to talk about mental health. We need to recognise that depression is an illness and that it should never, ever... Continue Reading →

The Colours of Our Love

We do not really do Valentines we try not get caught up in yet another commercial excuse to spend money. Buying some little gourmet treat from our local deli is normally how we have an evening together. Not this year. This year he gave me a hug and wished me a "Happy Valentines Day". To... Continue Reading →

Continental Fragments

Day 13 of 31 Fragments, small pieces of something that I am trying to hold onto as my life races past. Perhaps these pieces are more than fragments, however they are most definitely something.Fragments of an ancient continent are believed to exist under the floor of this Indian Ocean. A continent thought to have been part... Continue Reading →

Today is the Day

Today is the day. The end of the struggle, the beginning of the long road ahead. A welcome is prepared, an appreciation. An acknowledgement to mark the day. A wander through some farmers markets for supplies, a reprieve at the playground for adventure. Cake for our sweet love, Irish brown bread for strength and perseverance,... Continue Reading →

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