My 2013 in Pictures

I had been finding it hard to reflect upon my year, the year of 2013. The main story of course being that we welcomed a new soul into this beautiful world. However the year of the snake, has thrown some unexpected venom our way but thankfully there has been some very welcome anti venom to heal the... Continue Reading →

Finding my Christmas Cheer

I have been struggling getting myself together for Christmas this year. It might have something to do with two tiny boys always in my arms and my lack of sleep.I usually enjoy creating a menu plan and doing some baking in an effort to feel the Christmas Spirit. Having grown up with a wintery Christmas I... Continue Reading →

My Blog and Me

I come from a small green land, a land rich with musicians and rebels, poets and playwrights saints and scholars. A land full of people that are always willing and able to party into the wee small hours. Where craic agus ceol (music and fun) is the national motto. Admittedly this land has changed greatly... Continue Reading →

The Shiny Red Bicycle

He spins around and around on his shiny, red, spider bicycle. He is laughing, singing and talking, always talking. We sit, in the middle of his circle on a colorful woollen blanket, feeling dizzy watching this boy full of sparkle and spirit.Today I decided to allow the chubby hands of these small boys to guide... Continue Reading →

Continental Fragments

Day 13 of 31 Fragments, small pieces of something that I am trying to hold onto as my life races past. Perhaps these pieces are more than fragments, however they are most definitely something.Fragments of an ancient continent are believed to exist under the floor of this Indian Ocean. A continent thought to have been part... Continue Reading →

Dancing Feet and Bursting Hearts

Reconnection like time has never passed. An important reminder of a history I had once forgotten. Strong foundations laid down many years ago. Foundations built to last, to teach and to remind. Sweet memories, breathless from laughter, delirious from parties until dawn. Comforted, by genuine heart to hearts. Running up eternal stairs and dancing to the left.... Continue Reading →

A Sanctuary in the Wild

Fresh mountain air. Promptly bottled to become mine. A feeling of health. Unachievable wealth. A site with a view of my dreams. Hopes for the future. A wonderful vision from two creative minds. A new home amongst the enduring granite. A well deserved sanctuary in the glorious wild. A three year old determined to make... Continue Reading →

Today is the Day

Today is the day. The end of the struggle, the beginning of the long road ahead. A welcome is prepared, an appreciation. An acknowledgement to mark the day. A wander through some farmers markets for supplies, a reprieve at the playground for adventure. Cake for our sweet love, Irish brown bread for strength and perseverance,... Continue Reading →

A Trip to the Moon

A trip to the moon in Papa's rocket. Childhood memories of adventure and mystery flood back. A New generation following our path.  A swing to delight, children and adults alike. In a tall tree from a warmer land. Twenty five years of growth, finally surrendering to perpetual Irish dampness. Some precious time with a fairy... Continue Reading →

The Kings Seat

A picnic for the hordes. A grass table under a sky-scraping tree. Children play amongst the green hills, tempted to places of danger. Laughing contagious, food devoured, toddlers disobey. A visit to an elf house. Hobbit's feel at home. A peer through a glass pavilion with a story to tell.  Energetic cousins rest on a bench... Continue Reading →

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