19/08/14I am off to the mountains for a few weeks.I will be back with pictures and stories.

A Sanctuary in the Wild

Fresh mountain air. Promptly bottled to become mine. A feeling of health. Unachievable wealth. A site with a view of my dreams. Hopes for the future. A wonderful vision from two creative minds. A new home amongst the enduring granite. A well deserved sanctuary in the glorious wild. A three year old determined to make... Continue Reading →

Cobwebs disturbed

Cobwebs disturbed, bumble bees confused. Fresh gusts of mountain wind feel their way through the heart. A three year old refusing to wear clothes, showering in the cool rain. Two toddlers poke and prod each other. One testing another. A yellow bus with a ghost driver fly across a wooden deck. Destructive boys momentarily distracted... Continue Reading →

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