An Unexpected Event

When you are a parent there can be countless unexpected events in even one day. You must always be on the lookout for disaster to strike. Sunshine one minute, raining poo stones the next. Its a crazy beautiful thing.

Parenting is Like the Weather

Parenting is like the weather. Not the beautiful summer weather of Perth. Its more like the weather of a small island possibly in the middle of the wild Atlantic Ocean. Or perhaps the most southern tip of Western Australia where the Indian Ocean hits the treacherous Southern Ocean. The parenting wind is pretty consistent on... Continue Reading →

Am I a Good Parent?

I felt as if my heart was going to burst last week.Burst with pride.As parents we spend so much time repeating ourselves.¬†"Be nice to your brother""Share your toys""No hitting"I start to become sick of hearing the sound of my own voice. I often wonder if anything I am saying is actually sinking in. I know... Continue Reading →

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