Freedom in Camping

The stars fill the sky as if somebody spattered some glow in the dark paint on our ceiling. The little ones become sleepy and my little Joey curls up on my knee and falls asleep.

My 2016 in 12 Photographs

A year really does bring about so much change in the lives of young children. While parents remain much the same, the anchors carrying our children on their journey. It's such an enjoyable thing to go back and look though the folders of photos that I have taken for every month of the year. It... Continue Reading →

2015 in 12 pictures

Every year I try to choose 12 pictures one for every month of the year that best illustrate the story of our year. 2015 has been a fantastic year for us. I feel very grateful for all that we were blessed with. We enjoy family time at our favourite place We waited for the Giants... Continue Reading →

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