2015 in 12 pictures

Every year I try to choose 12 pictures one for every month of the year that best illustrate the story of our year. 2015 has been a fantastic year for us. I feel very grateful for all that we were blessed with. We enjoy family time at our favourite place We waited for the Giants... Continue Reading →

Snippets of Gratitude

  Finding Gratitude in the Every Day. His Adventurous Spirit The sweet evening scent of star Jasmine. Just Divine.   My Magnificent swim that took me back to days in Ireland when I would jump into any water, river, lake, beach no matter the temperature. Oh the Freedom   Our little Tinny for showing us... Continue Reading →

A Boy and His Dog

Its scenes like these that remind me what life is all about. It is scenes like these that remind me it is all worth it.                      

Gratitude in Pictures

Gratitude in pictures   Noticing the beauty in the everyday   This week I am noticing the beauty of Winter        Fallen blossoms catching the last drops.   A two year old soul in sync with the earth Maximising surface area to soak up those life giving rays Yellow  Pretty in Pink Red... Continue Reading →

Stormy Seas Phototography

This morning I was transported to a new world. A raw wild and awe inspiring world. I felt totally switched on. My heart was beating faster. My eyes were wide open. I was excited to be there to witness the never ending surge. To be able to practice my photography. Seeing the Indian Ocean in... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 7

Capturing snippets of gratitude every week.       Chocolate Bunnies without any ears.   The smiles homemade Easter baskets brought to small faces. To Freo by train and home again Roads for feet, street art and me just the way it should always be Hands in the air like we just don't care  Daddy... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 6

I have been a bit slack with the picture taking of late.  These are snippets of what we have been doing and what I have appreciated. What snippets of Gratitude can you record in your daily life ?   Evening adventures on the beach  Turning two an equal blend of  bitter and sweet.  Five minutes under... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 5

Gratitude in Pictures Week 4  Colour by Nature Little footprints of love !! Cuddles and happiness from a Chook Me #inthepicture for the future them Flamenco Dancers His sneaky pictures and his quirky ways Hours of fun handed down from one family to another Bike riding with Mum Delicate veins and Evening rays. Happy Thankful... Continue Reading →

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