Energy Medicine Part 1

Even though I have a side of me that likes the creative life I also have a factual precise side. I work in a scientific field and I like evidence for my hypothesis.  With that said when it comes to wanting to feel better about yourselfI think most will agree at times you become willing... Continue Reading →

Post Natal Depression the Recovery…………

Photo:DNolan@SnippetsandSpiritsI needed to find the girl I was before.I had three months to search amongst the thick fog to find her.The light from her torch was becoming faint.I needed to find my strength before I had to return to work.The first step was to see a psychologist.At first it was like an outer body experience. Is... Continue Reading →

Post Natal Depression the Middle

Warning there are words or triggers in this post that may be upsetting.Today I bare my soul.Why?Maybe I have a friend that I love.Maybe you have a friend you love.Perhaps we all have friends we think may need help.These words were extremely hard for me to compose. I have worried over this post.So here it is,... Continue Reading →

PND(Post Natal Depression) Me ???

 "The baby keeps vomiting at random times""I found him in his cot covered in spew""Is it an allergy"?"What am I doing wrong"?"I am unable to think clearly, I do not know where to start. I am so extremely tired""Why are you tired"? he calmly asks."The baby does not sleep. I cannot sleep" I worryingly reply.I... Continue Reading →

PND Thanks

So we need to talk.We need to talk about something that is rarely spoken aloud. We need to try and break down the ridiculous barriers our culture has created. Walls created at the risk of lives.We need to talk about mental health. We need to recognise that depression is an illness and that it should never, ever... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Moments

Today is Thankful Thursday.Recently I have so much to be grateful for, I am afraid I will leave something out.It has been a while.I thought I would begin to type and just see what comes out.This week I have regained my focus and clarity the world is becoming beautiful again. I cannot tell you what a... Continue Reading →

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