An Ordinary Life

Sometimes it is nice just to write about the normal stuff.We humans are nosy by nature. I guess that is why Facebook and Instagram have proven so popular.We enjoy seeing how others live their ordinary lives.I normally join in on IBOT with Jess i.e. blog on a Tuesday. This week I did not.I tried to write.... Continue Reading →

Your Story Sunday-Birthday Secrets Kept Close to the Heart

This post was written as part of 'Your Story Sunday". A story written by a different guest on my blog each Sunday.I believe everyone can write from the heart, everyone has a story to tell.I have given a prompt for this series the word was "Birthdays"July is a month of Birthday's in my life.However the words... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in the Dunes

Day 20 of 31An adventure through the sandy hillsThe protectors of our landCoastal flowers in bloomAdd some colour to sandy banks Bumpy roads and giggly boys. The Indian Ocean always there by our sides. Some precious family timeTo escape the mundane Wind in my hair and face wet with rain,Remind me of that place I miss.I... Continue Reading →

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