They Make Her Smile

 A Series A battle of wills to begin the day, this day of play. No sunscreen, then no outdoor play. I put my bare foot down, he dug his small heels into the carpet. There was a standoff. His young mind mulled it over for a short time, then he came to me, curly tail between his... Continue Reading →

Blossoms Blossoms Everywhere

Blossoms blossoms everywhere, a joyful feeling, spring in the air. Crystal raindrops, to feed new shoots of green. Scrumptious feet, yet to walk this earth. Tiny brothers bond, forming strings, time can never deny. Excitement over a new toothbrush, innocence we must keep with us. A boys uncanny ability. Reading between the lines, continues to take... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Chasing

Heart warmed by beautiful sunshine on a rainy day, homesickness abates.  Shoes for boats, puddles for thrills.  Thrills that only children know how to enjoy. Chubby legs in stripy tights, three year old conversations to himself. Flashing glimpses of imaginary play mates keeping a boy amused.  A freedom to create. A freedom that nurture's a spirit. A spirit... Continue Reading →

Hearts Afloat

The last of our summer days. A strong, sweet bitter taste becoming too hard to swallow. A wonderful day of cake baking and excitement. A birthday party for a special moon goddess. One giant cupcake and sticky melting chocolate. Dancing fairies, long dresses, sparkly shoes too large for Cinderella.  A game of cowboys and Indians among two century year... Continue Reading →

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