Today is the Day

Today is the day. The end of the struggle, the beginning of the long road ahead. A welcome is prepared, an appreciation. An acknowledgement to mark the day. A wander through some farmers markets for supplies, a reprieve at the playground for adventure. Cake for our sweet love, Irish brown bread for strength and perseverance,... Continue Reading →


Monday, 15 July 2013 Waking up to a cranky boy in need of a good run. Expend that boundless energy. A quick picnic is packed, sisters asked, both decline recovering from a 40th blowout. Car is loaded with boys and equipment. Taking off feeling melancholic and frustrated. Drive the windy country roads slow down for... Continue Reading →

A lazy day

  Awakened by soft tickles from little hands. A lazy day, pyjamas until midday. A visit from a younger sister, boy whisked away. Time alone with sleeping babe. Quiet. Return of a soaked and dirty happy boy. Invite for dinner. Mamo comes home a friend in tow. Dinner a success boys become a mess. Sisters gather children chatter.... Continue Reading →

The simple things

Tuesday, 16 July 2013 A walk by the river Barrow with baby boy in sling and the little boy holding Mamo's hand. Stone throwing, simple entertainment for a busy boy. Songs cuddles and kisses with littlest one. A near miss with a big truck, jelly legs and beating heart. Dinner and catch up with eldest... Continue Reading →

Late night party

Sunday, 14 July 2013  Driving home in the dark night, sleeping bundle, fox eyes glowing in the distance, smell of pig slowly cooking in the air. Home to sleeping babes, little voices talking in the night, mind racing sleep eventually falls. Awake to Summer of sunshine and gold, bottle, nappies, breaky, cuddles. Relieved by sitter,... Continue Reading →

Recovery and preparation

Saturday, 13 July 2013 Recovery from excitement of day before. Preparation for chaos to come. Dressing up feeling good. Packing packing driving dropping settling. Sleeping Angels. Greeting guests, long time no see cousins. Music, wine, chat and food. Bundle packed into car, admiring ohh's and ahh's by drunken hordes. Try to get some rest for... Continue Reading →

Three years

Friday, 12 July 2013 Yay 3 today. Present opening, card reading, birthday kisses and cuddles. Love love love.  New books read. Drive for supplies Mr 3 with Mamo, baby with mama. Hot day Sun screen and hats. Home to prepare for party guests..... 3pm princess and baby girl arrive. Cake good enough to eat!! and... Continue Reading →

Strength will prevail

Tuesday 9th July 2013 See you later Papa been comforting having you near. A long hard road ahead, you are strong you can make it. Off to the best place to be to return to the best you can be. You are feeling down but your strength will prevail. I look forward to our next... Continue Reading →

Feeling Older

phSunday 7th July 2013 Feeling OLDER today.  How time flies. A good night before a hard day. Gathering ourselves back to the home. Minding 3 boys, Papa observes. Visitors arrive, a magical day with dear friends. Yummy food, chaos and children. Try stay alert and awake for guests.  Made feel special on a special day.... Continue Reading →

Joy of Laughter

Saturday 6th July 2013 Hot Day in Ireland!!!!!!  Waking up in sisters house. Preparation for arrival of old and dear friends. Cleaning, scrubbing, shopping. Surprise visit from Papa looking stronger every day. Yay, girls arrive, hugs and chaos ensue. Wine flows, children roam. Boys put safely to bed. Freedom, conversations complete. Videos disclosed times past, laughs... Continue Reading →

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