Blog like no one is reading.

I was feeling anxious today. I was not sure why.I felt worried or bad about something, I just did not know what.I think in the past I might have stayed at home and dwelled. I would have allowed that anxiety wave to engulf me and then my day would have been a constant battle swimming... Continue Reading →

Agent Mystery Case Worth Casing Blog Awards

The Fabulous Leanda from Leanda Michelle nominated me for the  Five in Five Mystery Case ‘Worth Casing’ blog award, many months ago. If you are successful in winning you could win six months of advertising on Agent Mystery Case's website worth $500. Five in five is a series of five questions for me to answer and then... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Hanging out in Blogland can at times become pretty lonely.You can end up feeling like you are talking to yourself.That is why bloggers like to connect with other bloggers with weekly link ups. Where you can have a chat and a virtual piece of cake together.Bloggers also like to give each other a pat on... Continue Reading →

My Blogging Tips So Far…

So you think you might want to start a blog, become a blogger, enter the blogosphere? You have a yearning to put your words out there for the world to see. Why not, I say go for it!You will learn so much, about yourself, human behaviour and the world. The best bit however is that you will connect... Continue Reading →

Blogging Obsession

I am on the computer, he is in the garage,I am typing, he is tinkering.I am escaping, he is escaping.He calls me a Blogging B$$ch ............( he is joking of course), I stop listening when he mentions yet another "must have".Relatively new to Blogsville I am enjoying the escapism, the creativity, the brilliant bloggers and... Continue Reading →

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