Bog Days

Once they rounded the twisty corner they would see it, stretching as far as the eye can see. The Bog , infamous, mysterious and mucky. A stretch of marshy damp brown soil where once ancient majestic Irish forests stood.

Always Saying Goodbye

Before I had children I used to cry for days after they had left. I would be miserable and lonely. I had the luxury of being able to wallow and soak in my own self pity. I wondered how I would ever return to the "normal" life I had worked so hard to create in... Continue Reading →

Snippets of Gratitude

I always hated the smell from these plants, Geraniums as a kid. My mum had them growing in pots. I still don't like the smell. However they bring back nice memories of our little house in the Irish country side where my sisters and I grew up. Our newest Joey . She definitely has the... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Creates Change

SnippetsandSpirits.comAwake.Shake the dreams for your hairMy pretty child, my sweet one.Choose the day and choose the sign of your day,The days divinity, first thing you see.Jim MorrisonI have loved his lyrics since I was a teenager trying to find my way in the world. In my long hippy skirts and my beloved purple doc martens.... Continue Reading →

Adjusting to Upside Down Seasons

It is always about this time of year that my clock begins to slow down. The magnetic forces become confused as to which way is up. I have been living in this beautiful and diverse brown land eight and a half years now. However my internal seasonal body clock still seems to struggle in adjusting to an upside... Continue Reading →

A Wee Snippet of Ireland

Almost three months ago we left my green land to return home to our brown land, after an extended holiday with my family. We lived in a little town surrounded by mountains and fields of green. We hardly ventured from the protective arms of these mountains in the whole three months that we were there. I was... Continue Reading →

Hearts Afloat

The last of our summer days. A strong, sweet bitter taste becoming too hard to swallow. A wonderful day of cake baking and excitement. A birthday party for a special moon goddess. One giant cupcake and sticky melting chocolate. Dancing fairies, long dresses, sparkly shoes too large for Cinderella.  A game of cowboys and Indians among two century year... Continue Reading →

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