Love, It Will Prevail

Its my Dads birthday today. He lives in Ireland on the other side of the planet. I really miss him. Seeing his face, I miss his big bear hugs, his lectures on the politics of the world. He is a ferocious reader. I think he probably reads for 10 hours a day. I don't think... Continue Reading →

Shadows and Light

Where there is light there is life Where there are shadows there is beauty With Winter comes soft light and strong shadows. I am seeking the rays of light and noticing the beauty hidden within the shadows          

Life at Home

Winter brings with it cosy days at home. If we are lucky enough to be at home on a cold but sunny day, at about 9am the warming sunshine pours through our kitchen window. I love just sitting on our bright red couch beneath the window silently watching the light dancing upon my boys face's... Continue Reading →

I Predict a Riot

I think we as a species need to get over ourselves. We sit at the apex of the food chain, we think we can control the world. We may well be able to control the people, but Mother Nature is not so tameable. I think we as a collective, the people and the people in... Continue Reading →

Snippets of Life

Aren't they just beautiful when they are asleep? With their perfect skin and cherub lips. All snuggled up in their jammies. The youngest sucking on his doggy's ear. Yet in the morning I will be asking them 20 times to brush their teeth and find their left shoe. Isn't life mental? I have left behind... Continue Reading →

Motherhood and Me

Being a mother brings with it unimaginable joy. It is a huge privilege to be responsible for the nurturing, guidance and for simply the loving of little humans. You are their world and they become yours. Every so often however I seem to get stuck in a rut. I become a slave to domesticity and... Continue Reading →

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