Live simply

A busy morning. Two boys to organise. Mother feeling tired, looking forward to a break. Spirited Sister and a miscommunication arrive. Argument erupts. Tension in the air, children absorb. Car packed, air lighter. Another trip south. Rest, in a busy lobby, people and their baggage offload. Arrival of a friend, a friend that knows. So much... Continue Reading →

Mothers catch up

Glorious luxury of sleeping in. Awake to smiles and squeals of delight. Time with a dear friend and a spirited sister. Dog barking, babies crying, needing love from their distracted mothers .Time to chat has changed. Strong personalities overpower, retreat, listen. Till next time sweet mama and beautiful boy. Conflict brews, insecurities exposed. Is honesty the... Continue Reading →

The Kings Seat

A picnic for the hordes. A grass table under a sky-scraping tree. Children play amongst the green hills, tempted to places of danger. Laughing contagious, food devoured, toddlers disobey. A visit to an elf house. Hobbit's feel at home. A peer through a glass pavilion with a story to tell.  Energetic cousins rest on a bench... Continue Reading →

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