When you need to Regenerate

I felt so tired today that I sat on the shower floor and allowed the raindrops to pour down my back. Then I noticed the black mould growing on the grout between the tiles. I had to close my eyes and ignore yet another job that needed to be done.

Write to Heal Retreat 2015

Under the guidance of the July Blue Moon six women gathered at the mouth of the Bass strait in Mornington Peninsula Victoria.Each woman had taken their own unique journey to find themselves in Leanda's warm home.Most of us had never met, however we shared a common thread. We were souls on a path of connectiveness,... Continue Reading →

Energy Medicine Part II

Many if not all of us have a default version of ourselves.I certainly have a default Druime that overshadows the true Druime.In times of high stress we can loose our self worth and belief. The default Druime becomes uncharacteristically tall making every day life difficult.All throughout my PND episode I kept asking why ? I... Continue Reading →

Energy Medicine Part 1

Even though I have a side of me that likes the creative life I also have a factual precise side. I work in a scientific field and I like evidence for my hypothesis.  With that said when it comes to wanting to feel better about yourselfI think most will agree at times you become willing... Continue Reading →

My Hearts Meditation

It is only Week two of My Year of LoveYet my strength of will and commitment to the philosophy of Love has been tested a number of times.Finding the love means, when something hurts you, when someone insults you. It is not about blaming them, it is about looking deep within and finding that seed of... Continue Reading →

Christmas Kindness to You

Christmas time mistletoe and wine............With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree a time to rejoice in the good that we see................................What if you cant.What if you are unable to see the good.What if the chemicals in your brain do not allow you to see through the fog.What if is it is all... Continue Reading →

His Friends That We Cannot See.

Under his bed there is a troupe of charactersThere is a giant caterpillar. He eats everything. Houses, cars, couches, shoes. Of course his favourite thing to eat is the branch of a tree. There are some very friendly Ghosts who stay there all day in the dark beneath his bed to protect our house.Recently Elsa and... Continue Reading →

Discovering Your Essence.

Who is She??I am currently in the consolidating maintenance phase in recovery from Post Natal Depression.This means I have strategies in place that I know help maintain my mental health. I have reached a healthy plateau and I need to continue with what I am doing to remain where I am right now.However with that... Continue Reading →

Sitting With Your Worries.

Life Lessons.We never stop learning. We should, never stop learning.Mistakes, we will always make them. It is part of the human condition.However being human we also have the capacity to reason, to use abstract thinking so that we might find a solution for our mistakes.The lessons of our life are learned through our mistakes.That is... Continue Reading →

A Holiday Creates Change

SnippetsandSpirits.comAwake.Shake the dreams for your hairMy pretty child, my sweet one.Choose the day and choose the sign of your day,The days divinity, first thing you see.Jim MorrisonI have loved his lyrics since I was a teenager trying to find my way in the world. In my long hippy skirts and my beloved purple doc martens.... Continue Reading →

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