Christmas Kindness to You

Christmas time mistletoe and wine............With logs on the fire and gifts on the tree a time to rejoice in the good that we see................................What if you cant.What if you are unable to see the good.What if the chemicals in your brain do not allow you to see through the fog.What if is it is all... Continue Reading →

A Celtic Halloween.

My chest began to tighten, as my short legs pounded the rough unlit country road as fast as they could. My long ponytail swung in the breeze and my black clothes blended into the darkness of this Halloween night. The castle silhouette could be seen just up ahead, its jagged stone glistening in the moonlight. I needed... Continue Reading →

Uluru Was My Destiny

I lay atop the very warm rock.The warmth enveloped me as a cool dessert breeze swept over.I had my hood up and my tracksuit bottoms were keeping me warm and cosy. In true Australian fashion I was wearing the essential Australian safety shoes, my "thongs" on my feet. My body was grateful for the rest... Continue Reading →

My Threenager and Me

This post is part of a series:On this day that I dedicate to them, you may be relieved to know it is not always full of airy fairy candy floss, where I prance around pretending everything is perfect.On this particular Friday, the word of the day was Challenge. As the moods and emotions of our small... Continue Reading →

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