Gratitude in Pictures Week 6

I have been a bit slack with the picture taking of late.  These are snippets of what we have been doing and what I have appreciated. What snippets of Gratitude can you record in your daily life ?   Evening adventures on the beach  Turning two an equal blend of  bitter and sweet.  Five minutes under... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 5

Gratitude in Pictures Week 4  Colour by Nature Little footprints of love !! Cuddles and happiness from a Chook Me #inthepicture for the future them Flamenco Dancers His sneaky pictures and his quirky ways Hours of fun handed down from one family to another Bike riding with Mum Delicate veins and Evening rays. Happy Thankful... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 4

Gratitude in Pictures Week 4 I didn't take many pictures this week and they were all taken on my phone. However I can still find many snippets to remember with gratitude. Two boys in a box of their own. One leads the other follows. A whole weekend to sit in a class and... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 3

Gratitude in PicturesWeek 3 His daily pictures full of imaginationThe beautiful balmy evening light on perfect skin.Summer storms incredible to watch.Walking down the street with this little guy is like walking with a drunken sailor who has been at sea for 3 months. Raindrops on flowersHis pictures of "shooosse" and "booottsss"Jimminy........our resident cricket and the distraction he... Continue Reading →

Gratitude in Pictures Week 2

Snippets of gratitude in pictures Week 2Fresh fruit to shareScribbles that painted my smileClouds to hide the harsh sun a warm day Just him Cuddles after little C fell and had a blood nose Beautiful colourful natureSide by side on a concrete stepA gum tree bathed in the warm evening lightLong evening shadows of me and EPWhat are you... Continue Reading →

PND Thanks

So we need to talk.We need to talk about something that is rarely spoken aloud. We need to try and break down the ridiculous barriers our culture has created. Walls created at the risk of lives.We need to talk about mental health. We need to recognise that depression is an illness and that it should never, ever... Continue Reading →

Thankful for Moments

Today is Thankful Thursday.Recently I have so much to be grateful for, I am afraid I will leave something out.It has been a while.I thought I would begin to type and just see what comes out.This week I have regained my focus and clarity the world is becoming beautiful again. I cannot tell you what a... Continue Reading →

The Woman in the Flower Pot

"I am a woman" She proudly exclaims before falling into a flower pot.We laugh of course. These are the kind of things we have been hearing our whole lives. Womens rights, female power.Being cynical teenagers we often took the piss out of her feminist ways. I guess in a way we became bored by the constant reminders... Continue Reading →

Finding My Feet.

I am a private person.I do not like people knowing my business.Yet here I am blogging my heart out to the world.This writing bug has really got a tight hold on me.As you delve deeper into your bag of blogging posts you cannot help but reveal the truth.You begin to uncover parts of yourself that... Continue Reading →

Sunflower Gratitude

Bright, shimmering, shining, golden, yellow. A flower head packed with hundreds of tiny little heads waiting for their chance to shine. The outer florets become the petals that give this flower its recognisable face. The florets inside become the next generation of bright sunshine worshipers. These tiny florets inside the sunflower head grow in a spiral, each floret slightly... Continue Reading →

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