Discovering Your Essence.

Who is She??I am currently in the consolidating maintenance phase in recovery from Post Natal Depression.This means I have strategies in place that I know help maintain my mental health. I have reached a healthy plateau and I need to continue with what I am doing to remain where I am right now.However with that... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Hanging out in Blogland can at times become pretty lonely.You can end up feeling like you are talking to yourself.That is why bloggers like to connect with other bloggers with weekly link ups. Where you can have a chat and a virtual piece of cake together.Bloggers also like to give each other a pat on... Continue Reading →

Uluru Was My Destiny

I lay atop the very warm rock.The warmth enveloped me as a cool dessert breeze swept over.I had my hood up and my tracksuit bottoms were keeping me warm and cosy. In true Australian fashion I was wearing the essential Australian safety shoes, my "thongs" on my feet. My body was grateful for the rest... Continue Reading →

My Real Name

Will the real Druimé please stand up?I am here.I have always been here.I was afraid.I was petrified.I am SarahD I am Druimé I am sheShe is me.We are one and the same.I was not hiding behind my words.My words have never been more true.It is a scary thing putting your thoughts, feelings and details about... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

I was honoured and touched when the wonderful Leanda from LeandaMichelle, emailed me to see if I would like to join in with a Blog Hop. Where bloggers and writers are revealing exactly what it is that compels them to write. Leanda's philosophy and what she is currently writing a book on is 'Write to Heal' . I... Continue Reading →

A Day In The Life

Ahhhh PeaceI put pen to paper and the stress is released.The soothing motion of the blue pen running along the clean white lined paper. I have always loved that feeling.The second I sit down he sees me. "Muuuummmmmm"Perhaps he thinks I am not busy enough. I am there to serve him after all."Can I have something""Could... Continue Reading →

Get to know me Questions

So I had this idea. I have now poured my heart out to you.Perhaps you would enjoy getting to know me a little better.L.Fallon@SnippetsandSpiritsTurns out Sarah over at Creating Contentment had the same idea and she just so happened to tag me in her ABC of blogging. Thank you Sarah!! While I have not answered her questions... Continue Reading →

The Woman in the Flower Pot

"I am a woman" She proudly exclaims before falling into a flower pot.We laugh of course. These are the kind of things we have been hearing our whole lives. Womens rights, female power.Being cynical teenagers we often took the piss out of her feminist ways. I guess in a way we became bored by the constant reminders... Continue Reading →

If Only

Image sourceIf only I had a streamlined fusiform body and a fluked tail. A caudal fin perfectly designed to propel me through the ocean. If only I had a pair of gills. Feathery organs made up of comb like lamellae. Bright red and bursting with cells to extract life giving oxygen from the water as... Continue Reading →

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