Give Me All Your Wine

 I had so many plans for today and what I was going to say.Instead it came out this way. A day in the life of an overwhelmed Mum.I prepared and got ahead of time. I needed to escape the mundane.Dinner on the hob by nine.Tripping over boys and toys.House torn apart.Little voice making noise, demanding al la... Continue Reading →

Push through the tired to find the beat.

 A SeriesIt is very early morning, the sunlight tries its best to shine though my dark blind, a crack of light can be seen where the blind meets the sill. I wish this blind could stretch further so that my night would last longer. My eyes sting from tiredness, my head kept me awake most... Continue Reading →

Cranky Me

Does having more than one child make you a more cranky mother?As my tiredness grows like that fungus, spreading over the stale bread hidden in the back of my pantry. I find my patience running thin. I am beginning to raise my voice more, as I become irritated by a baby wanting to be held and... Continue Reading →

Where is my Inspiration?

Tiredness suffocates like a thick smoke. Inspiration and creativity retreat for some air.  Blogging self doubt overshadows, as rain continues to fall in this soon to be dry land. Reminding me to enjoy the dampness while it lasts. A brief moment to sit and think, words begin to flow. Some music to change the mood, a lighter feeling... Continue Reading →

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