A Photo a Month for 2018

  January: Mamó flys over from Ireland to take care of two little boys on their summer holidays February: It never ever gets easier saying goodbye xx March: The little one turns 5 and the red haired Easter Bunny walks him to school April: Our first Family Holiday 3 weeks in Bali  H.E.A.V.E.N May :... Continue Reading →

Boys and Girls

Then we have the men. We need them to be our best friends. We try and connect to them the way we do our best female friend. But the men, they were not allowed to cry.

Feathers From Heaven

It was the evening of her funeral. I was climbing into the bottom bunk to read her youngest grandson a bedtime story. Her grandchildren had looked so handsome for her that day. In crisp clean ironed shirts and formal shorts. They usually look like two small beach bums. She would have been so proud of... Continue Reading →

The Work Life Juggle

Don't you feel like you are always chasing your tail, and then when you are not your are too exhausted to sit and care for that wild and bushy tail of yours.

MY 2017 in Pictures

January  We enjoy lazy Summer Days at home Mamó Comes to stay . They enjoy her cuddles and stories. February The littlest one starts Kindy and enjoys every minute. Mummy and Mamó enjoy hanging out together Cú Boo turns 4 requests a Paw Patrol Cake. March The Boys Aussie Grandmother/ Nanna becomes ill and must... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Event

When you are a parent there can be countless unexpected events in even one day. You must always be on the lookout for disaster to strike. Sunshine one minute, raining poo stones the next. Its a crazy beautiful thing.

Beatrice Bennett

Beatrice Bennett was fascinated by everything small. Ants, fungus, and even dust. As a child she would wander around her airy, creaky old house with a large magnifying glass in her hand inspecting tiny crevices and mouldy corners . Beatrice was tall for her age. When she was three she looked like she was six.... Continue Reading →

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