Beatrice Bennett

Beatrice Bennett was fascinated by everything small. Ants, fungus, and even dust. As a child she would wander around her airy, creaky old house with a large magnifying glass in her hand inspecting tiny crevices and mouldy corners . Beatrice was tall for her age. When she was three she looked like she was six.... Continue Reading →

Bog Days

Once they rounded the twisty corner they would see it, stretching as far as the eye can see. The Bog , infamous, mysterious and mucky. A stretch of marshy damp brown soil where once ancient majestic Irish forests stood.

I fell

I fell hard. I fell fast. I fell deep. I sat at the bottom looking down, not up. I questioned my whole world. Why was I in it. What the fuck I was doing ? I had to be so strong to carry those little boys back across the world. Back to their Daddy. I... Continue Reading →

When you need to Regenerate

I felt so tired today that I sat on the shower floor and allowed the raindrops to pour down my back. Then I noticed the black mould growing on the grout between the tiles. I had to close my eyes and ignore yet another job that needed to be done.

Freedom in Camping

The stars fill the sky as if somebody spattered some glow in the dark paint on our ceiling. The little ones become sleepy and my little Joey curls up on my knee and falls asleep.


I have always found it hard to put those feelings into words. It's a sense of loneliness that begins to creep into your heart like a thick morning fog.

Writing Makes Me Feel Better

I think I'm in the midst of perhaps my 3rd mid life crisis though. Wondering what I want to be when I grow up. I beat myself up a lot............. We all do it don't we ? Thinking we are not good enough that we have not achieved enough, comparing ourselves to others.

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