Boys and Girls

Then we have the men. We need them to be our best friends. We try and connect to them the way we do our best female friend. But the men, they were not allowed to cry.

An Unexpected Event

When you are a parent there can be countless unexpected events in even one day. You must always be on the lookout for disaster to strike. Sunshine one minute, raining poo stones the next. Its a crazy beautiful thing.

Write to Heal Retreat 2015

Under the guidance of the July Blue Moon six women gathered at the mouth of the Bass strait in Mornington Peninsula Victoria.Each woman had taken their own unique journey to find themselves in Leanda's warm home.Most of us had never met, however we shared a common thread. We were souls on a path of connectiveness,... Continue Reading →

Why I Write

I was honoured and touched when the wonderful Leanda from LeandaMichelle, emailed me to see if I would like to join in with a Blog Hop. Where bloggers and writers are revealing exactly what it is that compels them to write. Leanda's philosophy and what she is currently writing a book on is 'Write to Heal' . I... Continue Reading →

Your Story Sunday

Bloggers love to share, they really love to write and they really really love to read. The blogosphere is a supportive community where we enjoy and genuinely applaud each others creations.I love to write to a prompt. Writing to a prompt no matter how obscure, can really open up the creativity and push you to... Continue Reading →

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