Uluru Was My Destiny

I lay atop the very warm rock.The warmth enveloped me as a cool dessert breeze swept over.I had my hood up and my tracksuit bottoms were keeping me warm and cosy. In true Australian fashion I was wearing the essential Australian safety shoes, my "thongs" on my feet. My body was grateful for the rest... Continue Reading →

Your Story Sunday-Birthday Secrets Kept Close to the Heart

This post was written as part of 'Your Story Sunday". A story written by a different guest on my blog each Sunday.I believe everyone can write from the heart, everyone has a story to tell.I have given a prompt for this series the word was "Birthdays"July is a month of Birthday's in my life.However the words... Continue Reading →

Your Story Sunday

Bloggers love to share, they really love to write and they really really love to read. The blogosphere is a supportive community where we enjoy and genuinely applaud each others creations.I love to write to a prompt. Writing to a prompt no matter how obscure, can really open up the creativity and push you to... Continue Reading →

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