Being Three

I hear him in the background as I try to steal half an hour to myself. Its Sunday and we have not left the house. Its the usual way on a Sunday, we potter about trying to get organised for the week ahead. He is "reading" a story to his older brother. The book seems... Continue Reading →

Going Anti-Depressant free

  If you search the internet for real life experiences in taking anti-depressants namely Lexapro you will find reams and reams of forums. Most will have negative points of view. When my doctor suggested that perhaps I needed to become a statistic and start popping happy pills. I was loathe to the suggestion. I felt... Continue Reading →

Lovin the Little Things.

Today I got a reminder on my Facebook page. It was a memory of the first time I shared my blog page. It was three years ago. So I guess its my Blogs third birthday today on the 26th Day of July 2016. I think that's pretty cool. I found a hobby and I stuck... Continue Reading →

Shadows and Light

Where there is light there is life Where there are shadows there is beauty With Winter comes soft light and strong shadows. I am seeking the rays of light and noticing the beauty hidden within the shadows          

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